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Thin​gs and tech i have learned about and love to do 

There is new tech that is amazing and works hydrono light tech that is tin and hydtino fuel that produce mas amount of clean energy at 0.001kwh and clean even in mega watt range i want site to have it and build projects around it as it clean energy first stage loan and do to sell to grid the energy while building hydrogen production plant for hydrogen as would be clean green energy then my kits and garages to convert cars bikes etc to hydrogen plus 250 watt hydrogen fuel cells for electric bikes no more 4hr charge making more people use bike's for local travel with insurance company for accidents cheap one price for any person only damage to other cars bikes no self claim mabe 3rd party could cover bikes theft 

My dream i think of alot or thing i wish i had majic wond Philippines were water goes to sea the sea is black suage it should be paradise with my company it not about profit it about doing clean tech even if negative income treat water going to sea it can also produce energy or gas water treatment can use bacteria and could make the sea clean again would bring fish habitat bk for local people to fish and would boost the economy help to clean the ocean and could be copyed world wide no more suage water going to sea or rubbish can produce fertiliser soil as well for growing food starch from rice clean can boost the bacteria like clucose this tech is amazing and produce milliwatt per square metre but if we're fresh water meat sea water can produce much more so better implement at mouth of river could end up net profit that could fund food and other projects like waste collection to put an end to dirty water going to sea the poor can't offered to pay waste collection so government and businesses should carry this business that profits put bk to local earia were worker get living wage and if possible manually labour to give jobs and knowledge training all goes bk no one can buy sell or own bubstech it a trust trust of future generations to pass down used by local people to better lives and extra goes onto local R&D could also bring low costs in transport and cooking gas or energy paying local to help grow food collection of soil from waste treatment restore bio diversity in land and recycling plastic to use as pots to plant food in any space boosting food lower cost of living training next gen to learn life cycle of the environment and local Internet shop for online resources and jobs helping to bring safe Internet to people who would not otherwise have it