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scaler waves  Tesla energy

i have been always interested in nicola tesla it is the only book i have ever owned was gave to me while in prision 2006 from ex brother inlaw it was the best gift ever even though i  read slow i read data more as storys i have to read more than once and it just words i never understand the story but tech and data because my mind is machanical and have understanding how things work i injoy information learning new things reaserch i was far behind in learning so only left school with E in art because the amount  i did not quality but at home i  would be pulling things to bits making things using tools electonics carpentry  i was known for fixing things and i never paid to get things fixed i did work for people for the tools needed for job i got from job ended up loads of tools sadly was stolen and never had chsnce to rebuild things like soldering ion and electric stuff i have because i make drones fpv my hobie flying drones  and building them but im now learning all i can about scaler waves if posible would make comuniction sytem router antena to scaler transmitter and give feancee one half way around the world no savalence and intel able to track or intersept like wire internet faster too instanly i wounder the bandwith is it longertudanal and can transmitt though the earth but first i want to build the device with a sphara ball or a tube plus i want free energy as it can work like a pump or osolate back thougth and so can power things one wire and self run tirodal shape power out the secret to desighn speaker magnet x 2 cut in half and turn one half 180 digress puyt together and then other 180 degrees put together then both them 2 together 180 digress from each other makes a torodal if done corect one ring above the other on scales should decrease the weght i have been wathching russian utube videos as has more info and taking pics of scamatics  normal rf is i c inductance of coil and capacitor scaler is capacitor and power volts increase power i need to buy bits big capacitors or make one and risisters coated wire for coils etc rf energy high volts the signal can pas though anything faraday cadge dont stop it canty be triangleated either its like a cork screw 90 degress out of phase the curent and the volts with a switch that charge capacitor then change and charge other bit while capacitor dischasrge this scaler can be used for health also healing people but at this point to far ahead every 1 meter above ground is 100v so there is alot of energy it static in nature when i was magnetic hypersensitive i could feel static in home every sufice covered inside house one polarity outside house other the glass or walls one would have pushing force one pulling my hands push each other my body has magnetic energy haryt and knuckels most have to be in low rf inviroment or i get sick my body exorbe energy become more magnetic since 2018 i shed skin and have chips in just about every skin flake and cubes few difrent types and also a fungi mesh under skin horrible deasese it goverment big tech pharma intelagence agencys cops nhs eu nato colecting bio and eeg data it was in swabs rt qpcr jabs other drug dilivery sytems in meds all silenced and not informed cloud from amazon google ibm etc all hasd access it feeds AI and ML transmited buy phone or smart meter or lamp posts cell towers many ways thery gather data 5G will give the band with for brain computer interface softwere of life ai coumputer in us they can send signals to it getting your body to then make just about anything from cells protein drug change dna cause dna damage breaks has pcr real time data we are now walking bio labs real time data only the stupid thing it it cause death ill health so no good for health if it cause it and now we can be hacked mind contol targetred with rf syops warfare all for money it all sold or data is no longer private thoughts emotion behavour all 24 7 monitored slowly i see  more more data pdf documents admiting it from sensors eeg brain computer interface to cloud api heath apps showing ealderly monitored ambulances with 5G for diagnosis real time they know if deasese drugs took bio data activity haert monitor emotion eeg sensors my body rejected chips 3 weeks after swab test between eyes both sides of noise in ears face stimic brown spots look close they squres not round i have pics and kept all metarial i shed as everdence i get no help or belived even though everdence people dont understand it or to scared to want to belive you as truth svcary better to be in bubble fibers come though skin other things like copper wire come out of face it is so depressing alian tech alive like parisites only evil could do this to another human mabe the scaler energy could heal me who knows i will try to add some pics data to this site some about tech some heath show the everdence i got