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COVID ORIGEN FRAUD I WILL LAY OUT PROOF THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME 2018 IS SAME AS COVID IN 2019 I WAS GIVEN REMDISERVIR RNA DRUG IT IS SNAKE MY SKIN SHED FIBERS Black morgellons white fiber comes through skin all over inflamatiom of hole body spleen 2x sizes god only knows the rest my orgens my face never healed but did to a degree with ivermectin so u took for 2 weeks every day not how you should take it as one time dose is for parasites i believe now i take it about 1 or 2 times a week and the last week i have been taking N-acetylcystein and helped alot but tonight i had couple of drops phosphoric acid 75% in a dribk to i have learned from the Dr exposing this fraud snake venom pandemic look up watch the water and he done a better one thedrardis.com is were all the fact of this scamdemic is dr Ardis have saved my life and mabe the cure to my illness since 2018 i woundered why i had long Covid but mine has been longer by years than the so called pandemic the breathing inflamatiom vibration in body fibers shed fungi fruit and weard things use to be in poo it is like being possesed by the devil what your body does and horrific that any normal person would find it hard to believe i know it started 2016 i was hacked i was also trying to get deal for solar power air-conditioning thermal energy with salfource and was agreed 40 percent just after i was hacked gartner file had the hack all forms i had to fill for the deal in email were deleted ibm watson gartner saleforce LinkedIn then Facebook Google plus. Google abc.xyz was across them seemed to go across those targeted on all also Imagration ibm get funding from eu and also did bad things top my head forgot so Imagration mabe also q reason for being targeted in first place military grade sycolojical warfare for couple years got me locked up against will when all i asked for was help for bring targeted always explaining what was happening 5o me looked like mental health to others sound untrue but i always tried to back up with everdance to then prove how can everdance be dilutions if i have everdance or how come body magnetic and show it true then don't that mean i could then be electromagnetic hypersensitivity if that is true dynobeads magnetic nano partical in the drug never have a Dr listed to me or tryed to help me had one face to face after 6 months trying and did not listen to me i have sent emails so have proof what i sent it looks to me and evidence and lack of help proves it was to kill me another drug addict dead but it made me learn so much from the syops and also to prove i was telling the truth all along my mental health records proves it too now that i can show jabed show up as bluetooth on Android if in admin menu got turn on Bluetooth snoop the ble scan app and bamb now i see a website that say by law companies has to chip employees they change the laws as they yo but still if fraud null and void like change what pandemic ie ti have WHO contol all but i wrote way before pandemic im magnetic i wanted to prove it in lab condition to prove it not mental health but can be measured if they were good i would of got a replay they have no care in cell phone or WiFi cell towers radiation yet they make claim it safe when date i offered would of disproved it seizures also flourecent light alot has happened no public agancy has done what i need stalled tactics denial of access for help i despritly need to be with family and a home go to that doctor website he will prove all with back up everdance i knew 2 years ago nhs gov on their website had sonic sound sensors watching suage waters i thought how advanced that must be to know if one person has covid by testing the waste water but they were are checking not ever person but the water hole for venom they know were the outbreak will happen 4 days before that also awnser why pet get Covid and water show positive some times because it not a virus virus un latten is venom i read a pdf from 1986 explaining uk will cause outbreak to usher in servalence the bluetooth chip 8n jabed for reasons of health is a fraud because it not airborne unless it sprayed geo engineering from planes or drone that how it happens to get in water it not over either im going to do my best to get it exposed in court because damage to my health and family life including carictor false imprisonment forced jabed sycotic that i was elerjic too got acathisea server could not lay down ir stay up up down up down all the time could not be still to try silence me for email to nhs telling them about the jab and i could bleep ecg now they have chip because did not listen to me or let me prove it they denied me the truth i was punished for there lies 

Also i have gain knowledge through my morgellons to help humans brake free from dark forces if we don't log the frequency of light soud and radio frequencys that maniputiin of human we in big trouble you can be tourcherd that happened to me i ended up in hospital magnetic thought i was poisoned with radioactive substance i could feel mental doors electric socketa and was so painful to be near my phone could not lay on metal bed as well as being sycolojical warfare on phone felt they were using everything electric to target me i Fort for survival that day could not stop over the couple of teswearing at  phone telling them to f off and would never surender to them even if it was death they can put images in head get you to believe a story they said they were going to kill me block by Hart Hart attack though i was going to die but dontof brake my morals the doctor came they they said be nice they know what happened then they came in how they they knew before they came in so i spat all what happened thinking they knew they didn't and was put to sleep and section under metal health another stitch up that what they would do make me believe but fight back 2 weeks later i, noticed a big brose on back blood clot opsite my Hart so it was true they did try kill me the couple years they tried couple of times i asked them what app is targeting me they sent pic app all tools was on phone i deleted it but nothing stopped i was left pic all other data gone it proved it real all ways had things proving ir real only i would know as mean nothing to anyone else another time i went to by drugs about half twelve night biked couple miles waiting and heard a noise looked up see a millitry drone i knew it was them went to block of flats hid under stairs as concrete for about 30 mins called my brother for parent home phone i was begging him he refused i said i die it your falt i ended up walking home got to bottom of rood see blue lights near home though they done my house biked quickly and there is an ally close to mine it was there i looked up bottom of stairs boy on bike laying dead i see medic lift his arm drop it i though thank fk still feal guilty I was relieved it wasn't my parents was it supposed to be me stage but every time parents family say coincidence how many coincidence do you need to prove im right other times they forget what i said before that later happens so many times also noticed advanceong warfare ai getting better more sufitcated it use all your data amd links family and use it against you micro targeting play to your fairs use weekmes against you it was always life death real i posted the events just incase I was killed saying if i dpoie it not accident but them always reinforcing to many times careing more they don't get away with it more than dieing kept devices hid for everdance played it dangerous telling them i got everdance against them incase i die dead man switch thinking it could keep me alive another time i download rbs business banking app and got PGP unencrypted text i told them i have all thete accounts unencrypted ams and i would fk his missis on video they came to my house they were in trees front back of my house amd and along fence 2 girls latex and one man with other they all hand masks apart form 2 girls and the man they showed me the man talking someone out in train station it was to scare me or stop me doing anything like i would have a chance o offered a jacket to the 3 no words all night only in headphones dusk across road had laser sniper point at my forhead i though i Was a goner but did not move i found i have that as strength no matter how scared i not afraid or submit rather die keeping to my morals I know they were the same people involved in elections as was more before elections i always knew they were using AI reinforce a belief like imagination to get people to vote a serten way it shows im. Brexit people im Wales vote leave why immigration but they're was none were they lived so was not on real life but they believed it anoth ro vote reality they were massively more better of as funds from EU i realise all party's were in on a scam even snp were they forced to or not 2 party's kept going to visit Queen did she or elite give orders and used jazza is antiseptic so jew did not vote him and then he had documents from Russia showing Conservative plans but no one listen always the way every time till it to late consecutive stitched jazza up no one see ir i dont believe the results and money put into leave that should not have happened plus vote leave gave way for Conservative that increased their numbers jazza i think was silenced amd and would not make diisittion one way or other was fixed and whislblower from Cambridge analinaic put trush in garden news paper but she was discredited by a lie to squash the story also court case was done over illigal funding and judge did not care or have chose i feel most people in UK have no clue about election fraud im USA i aee it instant as near tv when voting stopped and then he jumped ahead i dont inderstand how it so in your face but no one see it to manipulation of data there is screen overlay it could be blocked stopping manipulation of what you see online making faor elections making data property of the one typing it we own it and illegal to sell i would pay a yearly fee to assess all sites behind the scenes they using emotional intelligence amd selling it to anyone our dna from swabs just sold nbs data should not be in hand of amazon or 3rd party run on nhs server self owned government use Microsoft they all harvest know everything government does should not be using any apps by 3rd party like signal they give a volt on phone microft for passports photo and sensitive things they do the so they don't search hole phone just vault the government has gone bankrupt amd and going against public killing them off why how could anyone let people die i would give my life to protect others and inasent kids the authoritarian power letting mi5 have licence to kill law on UK street why would they need that power np excuses for braking this law built camps for people like me as o speak what I think have no senor filter making me disiniamt disodint unvaccinated and exposing what in vaccine had infected with it o want justice before i die and safety for feancee and son but even if targeted i won't give up the cops have labs yet thousans show swabs data and they don't investigate the swabs getting the hydrogel amd get it to grow prove that in forensics lab would ban them instantly police have power to arrest government they do for stupid things they don't matter but fine labor jazza brother 10k  for protesting ever though it human rights ivermectin kills hydrogel and may stop mind control it can't force you to do things if determined against it now could of been a time for change for good part from old too new government print or have crypto even fiat btc has store of value give 1 thousand coin to every account free world wide clean energey backward amc and 2% growth a month if government does not act grow food under ground or buildings now anoth to support tje hole of UK than farmers could restore bio diversity amd and farmers don't lose money then pesticide and toxic furtalizer ban go back tl national seeds no gm causes diseases  labs need to work on a drug that distoy the hydrogel to unblock pineal gand hopefully normal thinking returns find solutions to protect home work places from radiation and radio waves protect top not add to priority in design find metals that can scatter scaler waves using reverse pulse to cancel it or add to the wave charge it with new one intanglment to resonate with collector build new routers mass production chaap and have quontom intanglment of atoms the problems have been solved to send receive data no more, use for radiation cell towers 5G no infostuctor need and no loss of signal lol it will bring back control of data stop intersption that ia used against us not to protect us as It should lock down has exposed how evil those in power are not treated to put safety over there selfish needs they must be sold some story or riches to stop madness getting companies that harm us like genome sequence with out informed consent  the dod needs ro be changed with crimes against humanity they thought it a good idea to stop suicide bomber geneticly changing your brain cutting you of from god or belief it not God or religion that causes extremists it it events experience like family killed or war destabilising countries to exploit resources giving tje cetezens not companies control of resources which would help them teach them to protect them humans try play god think they can control nature it always makes it worse rather than live as one