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Bubstech is a site were I put down ideas new and existing also tech health political view and experience of life technology Health and environmental NOT co2 but a clear more responsible way to improve life for us and nature co2 is a fraud i put a link only one you ever have to see because something biblical is coming my health include morgellons shredding fibres treatment for remdisiivir type drugs RNA covid19 also swabs injections at dentist gene technology as they the same tech and peptides Snake and snail and other venoms I've heard being in them for my experience knowledge its Parasites Fungi iIsects and combenation of them on also now found that I'm like the real venom the film i am not alone i have intelligence organism hydrogel I belive hydrogel is made from jell with stem cells and fungi it water soluble it living bio synthetic parsiste A.i. That is on in and under my skin and hole body if attacked fight back and goes crazy to defend itself also cause me to go into an elerjic reaction by doing so i have black worms and a white fiber that can grow with hair that i believe act as fiber optics for optogenetics.  Also in skin fiber of difremt types including filament known as morgellons they are ribins and even though synthetic can reproduce i belive these carry a seed  with the information inside that hijacks cells in again also eggs in face skull below  knees now my arms chest back i use coal tar sope and then have had  worms white ones and the eggs come out if my skin others online have similar symptoms but not heard of some but i keep seeing borox tried it for about 6 months everyday in drink and body wash it did not solve anything so not worth taking. also see people say did not work either no one has ever tryed coal tar sope it works for killing eggs expelling them with a gentle touch rubbing skin to tornt it then they just come out if it is at that stage also i scrape metal twiser on hair it makes eggs fly out and doing so helps  reduce infestation. I believe Long covid is smaw so can help you if have it I Will add links to my photos videos showing the evil in them the jab and remdisivir like drug i had elupusa and has changed my DNA to insect resivours well as human so even if i kill it all it would not make any difference because my body RNA re produce it also grow chips run on  low frequency upto tera hertz light and also i speak about also this is from military and darppa tech also MIT does nano tech self esemble i also pressed my stumic couple weeks ago and pure black graphine came out i recorded it also this technology is in chocolate and biscuits they put it in everything from breakfast cereal kellogs guess who involved with them bill Gates to meat in anamil feed.

 our water supply also have contamination bit of black specs either graphine or carbon and whem at room temperature and a magnet  left for couple hours things start to apared that i think is hydrogel  plus graphine  carbon nano tubes when shopping finding that out has stopped my ankles inflamatiom because im not being putting more graphine in my body they are doing evil thing and needs to stop I'm unjabbed but same as jabbed my journey start 2016 the drug 2018 so a good predictor of what's to come for others this site is my own view opinions and different to the normal narrative I believe I have more aspect bigger picture and even if you have no I'll symptom you should read it because thing's not public known but will effect you or family there is things happening that people do not see from being controlled by AI in us and also the plan to have the hole of humanity under AI control behaviour to thoughs activity health live and die based on credit score CBDC  that wil target people like me as it does for my views past and some false acused of assault 2x on police that i denied asked to show body came 2nd one and got delt with me outside the court room when i said it false i had my back to them hands in air and stoped and so all movement was them as i did not risist only because a police check hearing i had one he charged me only because i had on the cam provided he did this is there a mark int there a mark was his words so he did not know if there was a mark 1st timen was sitting in my garden he was about 2 metres and i went to take my medication because i was probably going to station as putting in mouth was pepper spray so could not see or breath then attacked he acused me of a scratch on back of hand and the thing is how he wore gloves so could not have see false so it give cause for the use of pepper spray this looking at my past gbhi with intent 2004 while leaving visiting my daughter was attacked was speaking to reception and my wife and i was backing off but he hit me and i stabbed him my wife had c section and was getting in middle he hit first so i just took him out maybe was over the top but it split second reaction and i did not start it ended up 5 years  for self defence they said went to far this some countrys you can shoot people for this and not get charged here in UK it is illegal to defend yourself even if burgled robbed this is wrong because i after few years stopped going out because some idiot get wrong with you and you end up doing life in prison for some stupid idiot with something to prove im a chill person not aggressive and words would not get me in trouble with another person i never attack amyone  till the pandemic because i was being targeted with emf and sent email to nhs warning them of the jab telling them.  What in it who it was all true and next day was viisited told them about me and said it servalence system etc day after was section for the 4th time section 3 mean no human right and forced swab and syco meds then took none but wanted out and because that i was forced jabed but i said no went in yard and about 8 came with the jab and i threw rocks and charged them im not being a victim to there denial of the truth i proved i was magnetic and the zoom call he he said he  100 percent believe what Im saying i had white things thick like cat whisker in cheak mutation and the thing is i got better and it wasn't meds they cause elerjic reaction they don't even care if they kill you it side effects did more harm acathesia restlessness server could not lay down or stand was on tip toe from it the room was facing a cell tower mesh is over window and the building is emf proof so was a safe place for me but was not seen as it was I was being held until i was housed so was to help me but i did not need forceed jabs and more tourcher just not emf plus was not allowed to walk exercise round grounds as big place to brake day up because lockdown like you could catch covid with one staff and you and no one else for miles the ignorants and stupidly drove me crazy i was telling them it fraud and showed i was magnetic and i don't want to be near the enamy serco swab serco deep state they say ow they just cleaners no they not any one could of got me because serco had a access and they swabed me with Rt QPCR chips and hydrogel so what i was section for they did to me again time before they did something else causing more problems and was an upgrade adding Quontom dot  infection and fungi i keep telling nhs I have morgllons i show pictures and vedeos and email them they will no acknowledge seeing any of it and refuse to help me for any of it from sand flys and white stuff flying out my skull when I rub head with twisers you see it fly out around and dive back in head so easy to see a kid could tell you what happens in it also and white fibers grow though hole body dirent texture than normal hair i think about 3 types one is roots fungi neural network and other things happen i belive are spors this with the flys i know majic mushrooms have a worn or maget under the top so this explains sand flys link and spors and flys explains how shedding happens and how it all linked other hair is like orange red really fine I think this nano wire as sound metal when pulling it out also grows through head face and head hair has another type once it all looked green on camera luciferace possibly but are not human and hair totally made difrent possible used as fiber optics to get light past skin tissue all my hair and folucal have hundreds of Quontom dots glow purple and depending of focal point with scope purple or greed toroids that are part of the self ensemble and use light and electromagnetic energy the fungi and jell hydrogel act as a battery and why people stick magnets to themselves and spoons on chest 

 external electromagnetic fields electric and magnetic are used to charge it so it then power's the bio sensors and chip circuits in the body and tissue 

New everdance of what wrong with me and other i have been sorting my vedeos and pics and tryed to put in one place with pdf documents to prove what im saying as true 

Important this effects all now!!!!!!! 

Emergency to all i have fake snickers and Mars from aldis they are magnetic and also i eat mc vitys biscuits they also have graphine in side all 3 were magnetic when waving a magnet a cm away over them thing is they tue only junk food i eat so checked so i think nearly all food has this graphine inside last nigh i pressed hard on skin 

It all came through and it caused inflammation 

This is to all my vedeos and folder first link is folder pictures are in second is text file google has put a warning ⚠️ on second even though link is Google drive and links inside are to main websites like utube or rumble.com or Google drive it to supress the information and links so less see it I appealed it and can not ad comment in appeal because I would ask were is there anything that is dodgy 

Link to folder 


Link to text with everything including vids of other people to help prove what I am saying is true 


As you can see it google.drive so how that dodgy just look at links inside you see it shared so people can see it but can't make any changes I think it flaged because I post it in rumble and some utube comments mabe that why

This is what i would wish for in my company 

Some things are better than money ie pride and humanity 

Ideas a tech that is a gas substance or powder that passes through a engine that is positive or negative charge and cost with thin coat of a substance ie tethlon to protect the metal ie position tappets exhaust from contact with water vapour so no part of engine needed to be charged or able to oxidise to be able to run on hydrogen just like how you powder coat metal could be done with plasma or electrolysis first the engine has acid clean to clean all inside of carbon so it even apply the tech and last long time

Also convettion kit when injectors give negative vacuum a switch alow gas hydrogen to flow into injecter control by suction of engine so the right amount of hydrogen is feed to car air mix for maximum efficiency proformamce kits have tank or new discs of hydrogen upto car owners choice but kits easy to fit with utube vedeos how to do and if eec ecu needs any changes to timing and also can go bk to petrol deasle with button dual fuel

Exhaust could be took of and coated if mild steel or metal that rust using process above so no stainless steel exhaust needed making transfer more easily done by any car machanic and then certified by data base for congestion charges not added because clean energy

Home kits with self collection of hydrogen with pv cells or bacteria kits made for septic tank hydrogen or methane collection all mas made i in UK and kits and database for all car bikes models to help with any other changes to ie ecu or timing of engine

Mabe nano bots that can coat a metal surface or added to a fuel run though car coating all surfaces that are exposed in intake and outtake of running engine processe also cbd2 plug play USB to can bus connecter incase car needs remapping with online company that can remote diagnostic and mapping ecu car manufacturers help with best setting and set up of timing and o2 and other sensors so no dash or other light warnings happen and sensors work as they should adjust to new air fuel mix duel fuel all machinics have cbd2 can bus tool as common to get sensors or diagnostic light on car so online software to help in hydrogen kit changes making it diy or machanics fitting

Recycling of metarials ie plastic made into kits for hydrogen collection or thermal energy collection at very low cost pipes that can be filled to roof or ground for hot climate for use as energy or air conditioning hot cold water for storage for use ie shower or energy water vapour colecting on air conditioning system can be done also all made of waste plastic and the use of hydrono reactors or other clean energey also work shop to do R&D with 3d printer and manufacturing tools for new or updated design or new tech

Company bubstech

save the planet 1 product at a time all bubstech is non profit basic living wage no matter persition all workers get same wage over time paid at living wage flat this company is for faster expansion to globe at lowest cost but product must last and build for renewable waste ie plastic maximise resources 


IDEAS new tech 

Clean energey 

Waste water bacteria and power or gas 

Car conversion and tech to achieve best practice 

New cleaan world recycling everything 

THINGS TO HELP my experience with morgellons and electromagnetic Warfare finding out of community LIKE GROW FOOD NO SOIL soil


Hydrono the new clean energey system at 0.001kwh price want to buy build eco system from this my plan 

Jamming and false packet injection to iot and bio sensors

MAKE a phone privacy policy that changes if companies use data or use api just and make them accountable to loss in it as theres make them amine if they can we can 

PRIVACY policy 

Monitoring conections device 

Build bio sensors device take bk control 

Hold government accountable for sickness syops 

Business idea i have to make positive impact on humanity 

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