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Bubstech is a site were I put down ideas new and existing also tech health political view and experience of life technology Health and environmental NOT co2 but a clear more responsible way to improve life for us and nature co2 is a fraud i put a link only one you ever have to see because something biblical is coming my health include morgellons shredding fibres treatment for remdisiivir type drugs RNA covid19 also swabs gene technology as they the same tech and peptides Snake and snail and other venom parasites fungi insects and combenation of them on also now found that I'm like the real venom the film i am not alone i have intelligence organism  that is on in and under my skin and hole body if attacked fight back and goes crazy to defend itself also cause me to go into an elerjic reaction by doing so i have black worms and a white fiber that can shoot out fiber and in again also eggs in face skull below  knees now my arms chest back i use coal tar sope and then worms white ones and the eggs come out if my skin others online have similar symptoms but not heard of some but i keep seeing borox it must be amarican but also see people say did not work either no one has ever tryed coal tar sope it works for killing eggs expelling them with a gentle touch rubbing skin to tornt it then they just come out if it is at that stage also i scrape metal twiser on hair it makes eggs fly out and doing so helps infestation and some contol

problems are like Long covid so can help you if have it I Will add links to my photos videos showing the evil in them the jab and remdisivir like drug i had elupusa and has changed my DNA to insect as well as human so even if i kill it all it would not make any difference because my body RNA re produce it it is nematode with hydrogel and other stuf it has AI also the chips run on tera hertz light and also lower frequency i speak about also this is from military and darppa tech also MIT does nano tech self esemble i also pressed my stumic couple weeks ago and pure black graphine came out recorded it also in chocolate and biscuits they put it in everything from breakfast cereal kellogs guess who involved with them bill Gates to meat in anamil feed use a strong magnet when shopping finding that out has stopped my ankles inflamatiom because im not being putting more graphine in my body they are doing evil thing and needs to stopI'm unjabbed but same as jabbed my journey start 2016 the drug 2018 so a good predictor of what's to come for others this site is my own view opinions and different to the normal narrative I believe I have more aspect bigger picture and even if you have no I'll symptom you should read it because thing's not public known but will effect you or family there is things happening that people do not see from being controlled by AI in us and also the plan to have the hole of humanity under AI control behaviour to thoughs activity health live and die based on credit score that wil target people like me as it does for my views past and some false acused of assault 2x on police that i denied asked to show body came 2nd one and got delt with me outside the court room when i said it false i had my back to them hands in air and stoped and so all movement was them as i did not risist only because a police check hearing i had one he charged me only because i had on the cam provided he did this is there a mark int there a mark was his words so he did not know if there was a mark 1st timenu was sitting in my garden he was about 2 metres and i went to take my medication because i was probably going to station as putting in mouth was pepper spray so could not see or breath then attacked he acused me of a scratch on back of hand and the thing is how he wore gloves so could not have see false so it give cause for the use of pepper spray this looking at my past gbh with intent 2004 while leaving visiting my daughter was attacked was speaking to reception and my wife and i was backing off but he hit me and i stabbed him my wife had c section and was getting in middle he hit first so i just took him out mabe was over the top but it split second reaction and i did not start it ended up 5 years  for self defence they said went to far this some countrys you can shoot people for this and not get charged here in UK it is illegal to defend yourself even if burgled robbed this is wrong because i after few years stopped going out because some idiot get wrong with you and you end up doing life in prison for some stupid idiot with something to prove im a chill person not aggressive and words would not get me in trouble with another person i never attack amyone  till the pandemic because i was being targeted with emf and sent email to nhs warning them of the jab telling the.  What in it who it was all true and next day was viisited told them about me and said it servalence system etc day after was section for the 4th time section 3 mean no human right and forced swab and syco meds then took none but wanted out and because that i was forced jabed but i said no went in yard and about 8 came with the jab and i threw rocks and charged them im not being a victim to there denial of the truth i proved i was magnetic and the zoom call he he said i 100 percent believe what you saying i had white things thick like cat whisker in cheak mutation and the thing is i got better and it wasn't meds they cause elerjic reaction they don't even care if they kill you it side effects did more harm acathesia restlessness server could not lay down or stand was on tip toe from it the room was facing a cell tower mesh is over window and the building is emf proof so was a safe place for me but was not seen as it was I was being held until i was housed so was to help me but i did not need forceed jabs ans more tourcher just not emf plus was not allowed to walk exercise round grounds as big place to brake day up because lockdown like you could catch covid with one staff and you and no one for miles the ignorants and stupidly drove me crazy i was telling them it fraud and showed i was magnetic and i don't want to be near the enamy serco swab serco deeo state they say ow they just cleaners no they not any one could of got me because serco had a access and they swabed me with Rzt QPCR chips and hydrogel so what u was section for they did to me again time before they did something else causing the RNA drug

New everdance of what wrong with me and other i have been sorting my vedeos and pics and tryed to put in one place with pdf documents to prove what im saying as true 

Important this effects all now!!!!!!! 

Emergency to all i have fake snickers and Mars from aldis they are magnetic and also i eat mc vitys biscuits they also have graphine in side all 3 were magnetic when waving a magnet a cm away over them thing is they tue only junk food i eat so checked so i think nearly all food has this graphine inside last nigh i pressed hard on skin 

Link to updated links and to all other docs vids pics etc


Links to Google drive

And rumble vedeos skip the mumble look at the links 

Couple utube copy's that on rumble 

The one below this writing is sdr software defined radio i prove that i have thousandso of chips or radioactive partacals from 1hz then nearly every half a hz ie 1hz 2hz 2.8hz 3hz so on and on and the big main ones is 100hz and 400mhz if you look in the pdf documents it will tell you the frequency of them and how they made close to bottom of pdf the other easy to see the picture show the same these are thin lines so low bandwidth but thousands a normal radio station will cover a hz for music these can also i noticed be at or in radio stations signal maybe using it as a carrier wave same as the very low these frequency a 4 ere the most dangerous to the body because they are the same as body function like nevous system breathing brain so on also listen to the sound because that is also important it proves my nuckels are magnetic because it changes the pitch i feel it to going over the antenna i also have chip right middle index finger photos will show that is easy to see also look at the bottons bk middle and right bottom of phone you will see something hard 5o cach blurry air like heat wave or gas vapour this also can be seen under some conditions it is the energy from my body it is magnetic but more like radioactive magnetic there is a difrence other links are injury and what im going through because of this medication its slow murder and i spoke out only to get locked up mental health section 3 does this look like a mental illness it needs to be put right because the negative reporting false statements that i harm my kids a conspircy thorests im far from it false statement cause harm

Look at face chips also under UV light that was 3 weeks after swab the big ones came out but i did have chips way before the swab the swab was a reinfection or upgrade addon call it what you will but to tell them before they gave me it i refused but my right human right was taken from me simply because i said the swabs chips jabs are servalnce system and I'm targeted because of it syops and big tech phama etc the truth will come out i hope i am alive to see this criminal injustice on humanity cross breading genocide with parasites stem cells hydrogel and al autoamune deases known to man are in them and it supposed to benefit you heath monitor its lies it data money your thoughts emotions creativity all stolen from you by evil power hungry criminals update now have plenty more information on nematodes covered in hydrogel the worms i have i uploaded me after shower after using coal tar sope the eggs were coming if my back lower near kidneys and arms top bottom even worse if you see my vedeo i have 2 one below knee eggs flying out on their own and another them coming out my face cheaks i have a living organism under my skin it is expaned n a pdf ive upload about nematodes i feel them also all over body and spend hours nipping them out bit by bit till gone i use metal twisters dally to scratch my skull and eggs again fly out if i press skin on face white worm pop out and in i know it is joined up in and under my skin this has been done deliberately to me not by accident also council never helps me dr never helps or talk or acknowledge my emails to give opinion mental health don't want to review me because they know i have to much everdance on my side international law many has been broken even divorce has been going on since 2018 when others get it in 4 months it is because there is something being used against me i found out why and how i was attacked by an anti terrorist wepons on the road lamp posts with dangerous LEDs and 5G on them with 450 volt capacitors and the use of pwm the same as my done motors use one day i was fixing my 5inch quad drone the propeller are 5inch and at first i thought it was my eyes the propellers were wobbling back forrh slightly no battery connected i took it in kuchen to show mum and doughter mum had bad eyes dint look but alisha my 18 years old put phone on a cup so no movement and they were going back forth i knew the radiation was high in the house because i was getting sick and burns fluid seizures tinatus fatigue and body would become more magnetic my hands push each other apart and how far they push distance shows how much more magnetic i am and also static so bad i left the bedroom and never deard go back slept on matres at first with anti static rist band to ground you when doing electonics though vent into ground because even the house earh was voltage and not good so anyway the lamppost use pwm pulse widrh modulation the same as the motors on drone that what was powering the motors because other magnetic radiation would not pulse motors did not think or know at the times and now know that the lampsosts are individually controlled by a contol room and all smart meters also connected to them and the DOD has contol so do intelligence and even foreign countrys have full access you know how the government and Intel care about national security putting wepons up outside every home and testing it out in cetezens junkies and disabled first or ex con so was targeted it called targeted justice many suffer the exact same as i been though since 2016 when they hacked me i did nothing wrong i even got a call proving that is done as start of servalnce just i never did anything wrong other than a drug user never denied that fact and never went out so was no threat to anyone bar. Myself and was bullyed sycolojical then electromagnetic getting more and more advanced and last nhs email warning about the servalnce and chip in jab and swabs that now is public to prive plus i have it alll in linka to document so called for health they have changed my dna to part anamil insect transcriptese protease and optogenetics with lucetfetace bio a luminescent that why i have seizures and see light and feel the flash and my body is elerjic to alk of it i have proof another vedeo graphine oxide pure black coming out when pressing stumic no one cares but chocolate and biscuits and breakfast serial just to name 3 are contaminated with it it is also used to control people behaviour make them more ill to radiation i have magnetic nano beads that one called rattler clamp my dna and if i have magnetic nano beads in me i can easy prove also from 2018 magnet sticks to me chest forhead the most but my nuckels more sensitive even in my bones it gone but if graphine is metal conduct and is metal that react to magnet so moves to it were these nano beads are will build up with graphine not being able to pass though or detox from body get a magnet iron filing and put the magnet in the iron filling it all clump together so same will be happening in me and more graphine oxide in food because they put it in everything anamils feed meat magnets stick to also i will get to the point they want death i believe this is causing server inflamatiom in my body when i go to parents and sometimes next day my nervous system from feet up vibrate and messing one day testing volts oms every time i touched the test meter it stated the vibration the exact same so it wireless radiation causes my nevous system to vibrate even in mum garden it just started yesterday again 2 days before that the last time i was there start there it a main road and a speed camera and a box the box when i wzs sensitive from over exposure i could not go within about 5 metres before i felt the magnetic energy so when was ok weeks later i got a milli tesla meter and i bleeped red over limit of 0.4 ut and inside for one speed camera has about 30 coax cables so proof it connected to alot of devices i can't live or stay long at parents im ok for few hours but would only take couple of days till im really sick no way could my body take city even with no 5G even a plasma tv is to much so i don't watch tv my phone im on too much but get sick worse wirh no uv screen protector my mum is nearly blind now i know it was due to them targeting me my dad an arse hole when it came to this he disbelieve all and did 0 to help me from getting tourcherd he liked it upset me to think how cruel i tell him because my mums eyes there bedroom on that road the LEDs are dangerous and to much radiation but he said well im not sick that logic makes no sense because i don't have 5 stints angina he does do i deny he has hart problem because i don't people are effected different me because the drug RNA wirh nmr and magnetic nano beads that they dont even acknowledge it mental health illness electromagnetic hypersensitivity Well nhs giving magnetic nano particals think that should change the reasons to be real after all they doing it and there is no excuse j was lied to told this just help amune system totally lied too is amune suppressants cause Aids so the tech can grow that why nematodes used to avid amune system and 4 x 12 weeks did not know what hep-c i had 6 x 12 weeks was gone right before i went to Philippines came back told another totally different story and i had it and going to treat it was wirh rt pcr i have vedeo proof virus don't cause deases and the inventer kerry mulace say can't be used for diagnosis it was false plus as i believe it was some virus when they test levels of something the body makes so means nothing just fragments of RNA and my liver is was perfectly fine i was healthy and gilead science is part DOD also hydrogel in swabs was hydrogel also see were all Roads always lead to same thing big tech government Intel agency and DOD darppa has done everything i was a junkie to them im not suppose to find and document all this they deny me help now waiting till i die i believe or someone thinks I'm there property if so make your claim as i have NO contract with anyone it came by post that means though door that old law i own anything even if by accident it posted i own it even by mastake and j could go on like then you killed this person if no longer alive plus bio wepon against nurenburg and intanaional law common law gene protection law as im English and classed as indigounus protected like any other ethnic group and what am i even if modified im a standing wave of scaler energy a being with a soul and counsuss and im me still just bad sht happening because evil people want to give the mark of the beast yes im Christian too and that is the last who has that right to give me that mark i have chip right middle finger and being denied serices because of this i need a layer and cout room and beg god to forgive me probably cast out of heaven for them so i will do anything to right it i been outspoken at cost to me and my freedom judged forced syco med fir telling and standing in truth even when my finger hit screen like bone to concrete i speek every where i can to warn others 

The Covid is not a virus it is fungi and that how the jab is called leaky vaccine because luciferace and bio sensors use fungi also plus to keep lucetfetace they give you aids amune suppressant look at the vedeo called this why you won't get better it show the signal in my body listen to the sound Important to all graphine is in alot of food get magnet take 

Shopping look at it come out my skin 

Link below is so important to everyone if efects everyone and if do what i sujest could save lives and so simple to do just takes a few people no harder than taking an item back you don't want from shop that not hard 


Link below another new thing that helps anyone who has morgellons and wiggling in head nano tech fibers and hydrogell creatures and worms look what happened in shower after i used coal tar soap this was i think 3rd time this happened i recommend using it if you have any symptoms like me it cheap and smells nice too 


Link below must see listen proves that billions of chips in me NMR frequency sdr


Link below Newest face and morgellons hydrogel jusly 2022 must see this one look full screen you see chips in every pic there is so many NMR cubes chips 


Link below sdr radio showing NMR nuclear magnetic resoinece 


Link bellow pics of body the changes that happen stages


Link below mix vid NMR sdr and NMR screen shots pdfs 


Link below shows pdf on all the things to, back up my claims 


This link has link to nearly all folders allot in this one 


Link below This was the biggining of skin and shedding it started my skin fat went till paper thin to type was pain bone on glass skin changed then 


Link is to zip file best not to click unless you ok to download it 


Link below screenshot i have took 



Link below shows moving c hydrogel sickening knowing this in me about a year old now was 2021


Link below pics moving hydrogel and skin pics face injury samples 2021 I thought it was right as I, but only a small percent of skin death and dease of body skin cell death skin shed but mine can't be venom don't explain chips hydrogel fungi parasites 


Link below You have to be good at seeing patterns it shows it moving in leg fluid in or under skin not important 


Link below 13th july 2022 head skull worms hydrogel morgellons



Link below This has things to help explain it what they are doing to us 


Link below Older pics look at the cubs NMR servalence and skin samples. Hydrogel creater


Below is proximity a luminescent 


Link below just waht if not relavemt to my health This Drone footage the stuff in lake reminded me of hydrogel fungi fibers just bigger could it be in the water it same as veins in dead people thought I would add this as possibility 

Link below nothing to do with me but I believe a must see pole shift flip 

Climate change or smokes and mirrors 


Link below the stuff fly out of face spors or parasites eggs 



Link below is it flying out of face tiny balls spors, or eggs and my hole body same below knee and face worst and also show screen recording the frequencys in side me NMR 


Link below is plasma ball to show chips in skin 


Look at the vedeo with sdr software defined radio i light up like a Xmas tree all those signal are from my body you can't tell me nhs had no clue or thought of telling me is like kemo radioactive nano particals prove every thing i have said last 4 years is true when i been locked up in mental health hospital labeled as dilution for speaking the truth saying i harm my 18 years old daughter telling her conspiracy theorys i was speaking out to try save others from the same fate as me because i knew but knowing is one thing i could always show im magnetic energy by moving things with hand or putting hand near someone but it still wasn't anoth to get help i been ignored and Dr called mental health when i tryed to talk about it I've been forced jabed in arse over the truth false in prison and mis diagnosis that causes harm not help and to try every time to convence every time is hard when the people who should be helping me deny me because of there own reason not speaking up for me or say he is telling the truth because that means they mental health too so you left labeled as a lier dullutions and when they section me for speaking out they forced swab tested me i said i don't trust serco they said they just cleaners but i knew they could get me and they did RT QPCR swab with chips eeg ecg and many others i have been given again the thing i was classed as dilutional for again as it was when there was lockdown if i did not do a swab i had to stay in q tiny room isolated for the hole time i was there my human rights were taken from me classed as not able to make my own choice and then forced syco meds in arse for refusing them because it was not a metal illness but ignorence on there part i believe it was to silence me and chip me 

Here is not from me but good to see or know 

This who did it link must see


The ex who expert teligram for help and to see what is happening good source

. Astrid Stuckelberger

This is what i would wish for in my company 

Some things are better than money ie pride and humanity 

Ideas a tech that is a gas substance or powder that passes through a engine that is positive or negative charge and cost with thin coat of a substance ie tethlon to protect the metal ie position tappets exhaust from contact with water vapour so no part of engine needed to be charged or able to oxidise to be able to run on hydrogen just like how you powder coat metal could be done with plasma or electrolysis first the engine has acid clean to clean all inside of carbon so it even apply the tech and last long time

Also convettion kit when injectors give negative vacuum a switch alow gas hydrogen to flow into injecter control by suction of engine so the right amount of hydrogen is feed to car air mix for maximum efficiency proformamce kits have tank or new discs of hydrogen upto car owners choice but kits easy to fit with utube vedeos how to do and if eec ecu needs any changes to timing and also can go bk to petrol deasle with button dual fuel

Exhaust could be took of and coated if mild steel or metal that rust using process above so no stainless steel exhaust needed making transfer more easily done by any car machanic and then certified by data base for congestion charges not added because clean energy

Home kits with self collection of hydrogen with pv cells or bacteria kits made for septic tank hydrogen or methane collection all mas made i in UK and kits and database for all car bikes models to help with any other changes to ie ecu or timing of engine

Mabe nano bots that can coat a metal surface or added to a fuel run though car coating all surfaces that are exposed in intake and outtake of running engine processe also cbd2 plug play USB to can bus connecter incase car needs remapping with online company that can remote diagnostic and mapping ecu car manufacturers help with best setting and set up of timing and o2 and other sensors so no dash or other light warnings happen and sensors work as they should adjust to new air fuel mix duel fuel all machinics have cbd2 can bus tool as common to get sensors or diagnostic light on car so online software to help in hydrogen kit changes making it diy or machanics fitting

Recycling of metarials ie plastic made into kits for hydrogen collection or thermal energy collection at very low cost pipes that can be filled to roof or ground for hot climate for use as energy or air conditioning hot cold water for storage for use ie shower or energy water vapour colecting on air conditioning system can be done also all made of waste plastic and the use of hydrono reactors or other clean energey also work shop to do R&D with 3d printer and manufacturing tools for new or updated design or new tech

Company bubstech

save the planet 1 product at a time all bubstech is non profit basic living wage no matter persition all workers get same wage over time paid at living wage flat this company is for faster expansion to globe at lowest cost but product must last and build for renewable waste ie plastic maximise resources 


IDEAS new tech 

Clean energey 

Waste water bacteria and power or gas 

Car conversion and tech to achieve best practice 

New cleaan world recycling everything 

THINGS TO HELP my experience with morgellons and electromagnetic Warfare finding out of community LIKE GROW FOOD NO SOIL soil


Hydrono the new clean energey system at 0.001kwh price want to buy build eco system from this my plan 

Jamming and false packet injection to iot and bio sensors

MAKE a phone privacy policy that changes if companies use data or use api just and make them accountable to loss in it as theres make them amine if they can we can 

PRIVACY policy 

Monitoring conections device 

Build bio sensors device take bk control 

Hold government accountable for sickness syops 

Business idea i have to make positive impact on humanity 

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